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All I Want - Kodaline: TFIOS Soundtrack

Can’t believe Kodaline are actually going to be on the TFIOS Soundtrack!
Absolutely delighted :D


Can’t wait!!!

I searched ‘Depression’ into the Tumblr search bar and this popped up.
I almost started crying because here is the best example of how Tumblr is the greatest social network. They don’t just bring up results, they offer you help. No other social network does this.
So when you have a shitty day, Tumblr is actually there to give help, whether its looking up pictures, lyrics, posts or websites that can help, you will find it.

Even if you don’t have photoshop, you can still totally…
Edit photos
Touchup selfies
Put filters and gradients on photos
Use instagram style filters
Add stickers to photos
Make a typography edit
Make a transparent PNG
Make a pixel speech bubble
Fake a tweet
Fake a text
Make a GIF
Make a seamless background tile
Have fun!

oh my god

Reblog if you think it’s okay to be homosexual





I need to prove a point to my homophobic friend.

I’m writing down the urls of everyone who reblogs this in a notebook, and will present it to my friend when it is sufficiently full.

You’re gonna need a bigger book

And you’ll have to fill in those spaces.

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Fandom insults to use in everyday life :)

I hate when you’re trying to explain a conversation you had with someone who was wrong, and then the person you’re telling this to says, “Don’t sink to their level”. 

That’s the only place to go to get your point across.

HA bitch! Irish beat UK at their own game! But of course we drink more tea! We drink more tea then alcohol too.
Jason Boland accepted me on Fb!!!

"Support music every day because there isn’t a day music won’t be there for you!" - Hayley Williams

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